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Decatur, GA Mandates High-Performance Building Certification for Homes

RTAblog_2014_1118_DecaturLogoDecatur, GA’s City Commission approved an overhaul of its zoning ordinance last night. The updated ordinance includes mandates for high-performance building certifications for residential and commercial construction: new construction and renovations. Read more

The 2015 NGBS May Encourage More Accessibility in Homes

RTAblog_2014_1007_2015NGBSThe 2015 version of the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) is currently under development. It may have an impact on you, even if you don’t use it. Read more

A Leaking Toilet Can Flush Your Monthly Budget!

EPA Fix A Leak WeekIt’s “Fix A Leak Week” so we’re sharing some insight on household leaks – the source of an estimated 10,000+ gallons of wasted water per home each year. Read more