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Bad, Better or Best: 3 Ways to Get Fresh Air in Your Home

RTAblog_2015_0304_WindowNoticeThere are three primary ways to provide mechanical ventilation to a home. The first is not good. The second is better but not great. The third is the best choice. Do you know your options? Read more

Counterpoint: Home Energy Efficiency is Making a Difference

RTAblog_2015_0226_plugsIn a recent MNN post, Lloyd Alter contends “having more stuff is eating up all the gains from being more efficient”. Is that true? Read more

Door Key or Microchip Under Your Skin?

RTAblog_2015_0225_DoorLocksDo you struggle with your door locks when trying to get into your house? Touchpad locks may keep us from fumbling with keys yet RFID chips may make entry even easier. Read more