Want Happy Holidays? Add Water.

RTAblog_2014_1205_ChristmasTreeThere’s one astonishingly simple thing you can do to keep your Christmas tree from turning into a nightmare.

Yesterday, RTA shared notes about preventing winter fires in a blog post titled, “4 Ways to Protect Your Home from a Common Holiday Disaster“. Home fires devastate 1,000 families EACH DAY day because we use tools to detect fires rather than doing as much as we can to prevent them.

The video below was published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). It compares a dry (unwatered) Christmas tree on the left with a well-watered Christmas tree on the right. An ignition source could come from a faulty electrical device, an overloaded electrical circuit, an open flame such as a candle that’s knocked over or a spark from the fireplace. Play the video to see the difference in just 1 minute and 30 seconds…. it’s striking!

Either tree will probably ignite other fuel sources in the immediate area. The primary difference is that the watered tree on the right probably gives occupants enough time to escape the home.

Cooking equipment is still the leading cause of home fires and injuries. Smoking materials remain the leading cause of death in home fires – an incredibly sad statistic.

A household can expect 5 home fires in an average lifetime. The chances your household will experience a reported fire in an average lifetime is 1 in 4.

Please take care if you use more devices, cook more and entertain during the holiday season because your odds of an incident increase. No one wants to be a fire statistic… even if it’s just an injury. A bit of prevention goes a long way to protecting your family, pets and property.

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Image by Suzie Tremmel used under creative commons license.

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