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An American City Announces Plan to Use Eminent Domain to Stop Foreclosures

RTAblog_2013_0730_ForeclosureSignIn our June 24th blog post, we drew your attention to discussion about cities using the power of eminent domain to seize properties to stop foreclosures. Another city has announced it will move forward with the plan.… Read more

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Will American Cities Protect Neighborhoods from Abandoned Foreclosures?

RTAblog_2013_0624_BlightPropertyThe American economy is slowly recovering from the housing bubble yet many neighborhoods are still struggling with abandoned foreclosures. Blighted property ordinances are common though identifying properties and enforcing the ordinances can be significant challenges.… Read more

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Steven Hayward Speaks about “The EPA and Private Property”

haywardSteven F. Hayward was invited to speak at Hillsdale College‘s Allen P. Kirby Center about “The EPA and Private Property” on July 12th, 2012. We try to look at both sides of any issue so here’s his insight on … Read more

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