Re-Visioning Statewide Prosperity: GeorgiaForward’s 2012 Forum Report

GeorgiaForward is an independent, nonpartisan organization working to improve the state of Georgia by engaging business, political, academic and civil leaders to collaboratively shape a statewide policy agenda. If you’re not  participating in a similar group in your state, you should and here’s why…

GeorgiaForward holds its annual forum each fall to give participants the chance to discuss issues critical to the success of the state. This gives the diverse group of participants (different locations and political affiliations) a chance to see what common interests emerge as legislators and state leaders prepare to start of the next session of Georgia’s General Assembly.

The format of the Forum encourages discussion: there are invited speakers who address a topic for the entire group before breakout panel sessions intended to create discussion among the attendees. The breakout sessions are arranged by topic so you can follow your interests to contribute, learn and network.

Participants tweet during the presentations and discussions so you can find a running commentary at the hashtag #gafwd. The Forum also concludes with a working session to record the discussions and record them into a report that’s freely available to any interested parties. Contained in the report for this year’s Forum is a three-page “Vision for Statewide Prosperity” (pages 12-15) that offers action items for the immediate future.

As with all political discussions, when we take the time to learn about how the issues affect us, we find that we have much more in common than that which sets us apart. We congratulate GeorgiaForward’s Executive Director, Amir Farokhi, and its Board of Directors on another succesful event and look forward to participating in future events!


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