Practicing architecture has given us a skill set for solving problems while coordinating multiple team members and advocating for our client. We offer that skill set to you through limited consulting services related to our practice. Here are three ways we can help you outside of our traditional practice:

1. Build Presentations
We help you build presentations so you can get your message out, assemble resources and advance your project. A presentation can be part of your marketing materials, a live event, web content, a social media post or any number of other formats that you send out into the world.

Creating a presentation is like a building project: we work with you to assess your priorities, layout a plan and build the presentation. We work with you to develop your content and sharpen your delivery. This gives you a chance to leverage our experience, perspective and resources.

2. Design a Process
We help you design a process to address a complex problem: a series of challenges that need to be overcome in a particular order. You have to win the small tactical battles to win the strategic war. Complex problems are often political because they typically involve more than one group of stakeholders.

The process to solve a complex problem requires the collection of issues, identification of the stakeholders, definition of scope, schedule of implementation, communication with stakeholders, reporting of information collected, synthesis into one or more solutions, stakeholder education and accountability audits as the solution is implemented. In short, we have to collect the appropriate group, make a decision and act on that decision.

It’s the subtleties of the process that often cause problems. Maintaining transparency, encouraging intellectual investment, administering communication and other tasks that can seem trivial are critical to the success of the process that will solve your problem. By designing a process with us, you can leverage our success in business, education, legislative work and community service to help you find the most expedient path to your solution.

Designing a Process3. Build a Team
We build a team for each of our projects. We work with our owners and clients to find the right people with complimentary skill sets to deliver the project. Team building often requires some degree of our other consulting services: we help you build a presentation to attract team members and we help you design a process so you’ll know when to involve each member of the team.

Collaboration is a critical part of our success. It allows us to maintain a specialized skill set and work with others who offer complimentary skill sets. We build a new team for each project so we’re comfortable working with others and managing teams. We work with you to impart that portion of our skill set so you can start with our support and eventually build your own teams.

Building a Team

In Conclusion
Thanks for taking a moment to review our consulting services. If you haven’t found what you need, we may be able to help you find the appropriate party. Just use the Contact page on this website to let us know how we can be of service!