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Addressing Climate Change in a Changing Political Climate

RTAblog_2013_0625_CoalPowerPlantPresident Obama addressed the issue of climate change in a policy speech at George Washington University yesterday afternoon. This collection of notes is intended to provide more detail than the media coverage and responses to the President’s speech.… Read more

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Will American Cities Protect Neighborhoods from Abandoned Foreclosures?

RTAblog_2013_0624_BlightPropertyThe American economy is slowly recovering from the housing bubble yet many neighborhoods are still struggling with abandoned foreclosures. Blighted property ordinances are common though identifying properties and enforcing the ordinances can be significant challenges.… Read more

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New Advance in Building System Allows Taller Buildings

RTAblog_2013_0621_ElevatorWhy would a residential architecture firm blog about elevator technology? In 2008 the world’s population was evenly split between urban and rural living. Elevators and other building technologies have made urban, high-rise living around cultural and business centers possible for … Read more

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Will Our Homes & Offices Soon Use Gesture Controls… Like Tony Stark’s House?

RTAblog_2013_0617_ConductorThe University of Washington has announced a development that may enable us to enjoy technology only seen (faked) in the movies: gesture-recognition technology using WiFi signals is one step closer to reality.… Read more

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Back to Big Houses?

RTAblog_2013_0612_McMansionIncreased activity in the luxury home market and an increase in the average home size point to a return to larger homes. This reverses a trend of decreasing home sizes from 2007 through 2009.… Read more

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High-Speed Rail from Atlanta? Transit Projects Offer Planning Opportunities

RTAblog_2013_0610_HighSpeedTrainThe Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is studying six possible routes for high-speed rail between Atlanta and Charlotte, NC. The routes are make-or-break for towns along the way. In addition to encouraging land speculation, the potential routes are a great … Read more

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