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August 2012 Home Prices Continue a Trend of Modest Increases

Home PricesThe S&P|Case-Shiller Home Price Indices with data through August 2012 were released this morning. They track home prices in 20 US metropolitan markets, from Miami to Seattle. We monitor these numbers because they’re an indicator of the available housing stock … Read more

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Let’s Celebrate National Weatherization Day by Figuring Out What “Weatherization” Means

RTA_blog_2012_1030_BlowerDoorThe Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) was created by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in 1976 to assist low-income families who can’t afford to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Increasing energy efficiency helps families reduce their energy costs … Read more

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Journal Entry: “Smart Water Solutions for Atlanta”, featuring Charles Fishman

Earlier this month, we shared an event notice for “Smart Water Solutions for Atlanta” through our social media accounts. The gathering was held today at the AT&T Midtown Two Auditorium. Here are a few notes from the event…… Read more

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Is it Time to Install Your Winter Shower Head? Here’s How to Decide…

RTA_blog_2012_1024_ShowerHeadSome of us pay attention to water conservation because it’s important to us, others because it’s mandated by law. If you’ve installed a 1.5gpm shower head, it may be time to change for the winter.… Read more

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Happy 40th Birthday to the Clean Water Act! Time for a Midlife Crisis?

RTA_blog_2012_1018_CuyahogaRiverIn June of 1969, an oil slick on Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River caught fire. A river on fire and other similar incidents caused a national awakening to water quality issues. To what end?… Read more

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What Four Key Benefits Do Solar & Wind Power Have in Common?

In a previous blog post, we wrote about the importance of conserving energy before adding production. In this post, we compare power sources you can install on your property – you no longer have to rely on the power … Read more

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Will Competition Drive the Development of Large-Scale Solar Power in Georgia?

RTA_blog_2012_1016_SolarPanelsTom Baxter’s recent article in the SaportaReport suggests that Georgia Power has reversed course on solar power after Georgia Solar Utilities Inc. submitted a petition to the Georgia PSC to sell 80-megawatts of solar power. It seems that it just … Read more

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FTC Warns Window Manufacturers About Unsubstantiated Energy Efficiency Claims

RTA_Blog_2012_1009_FTCLast week, we encouraged you to be wary about the energy efficiency claims of window companies. The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection has been actively engaged in this issue so we’re following up on last week’s post … Read more

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AIA + NAHB: Two Professional Associations with Many Issues in Common

Late last week, Ryan Taylor of RTA facilitated a meeting of staff members from the national offices of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Washington, D.C.… Read more

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Thinking About Replacing Your Windows? Don’t Believe the Big Energy Savings Promise!

2012_0713We shared a blog post on Georgia’s sales tax holiday for ENERGY STAR & WaterSense labeled products earlier this week. In that post, we promised to follow-up with some notes on replacing windows because many people are surprised, if not … Read more

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Holiday Shopping: Sales Tax Holiday for ENERGY STAR & WaterSense Labeled Products

RTA_blog_2012_1001_EnergyStarLabelGot your shopping list ready? Georgia is holding a sales tax holiday for ENERGY STAR and WaterSense labeled products October 5th through the 7th! The per-item limit of $1,500 allows Georgians to make significant purchases. Since energy and water are … Read more

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