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Yes, We Can Install That In Your House: A World of Commercial Building Products Awaits

RTA_blog_2012_0928_RubbermaidAutoDoorWe were doing some product research on “touch-less” products that will encourage water conservation in homes and thought it might be helpful to share a few notes about the use of commercial products.… Read more

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July 2012 Home Prices Establish a Trend of Rising Prices in the Atlanta Market

Home PricesThe S&P|Case-Shiller Home Price Indices with data through July 2012 were released this morning. They track home prices in 20 US metropolitan markets, from Miami to Seattle. We monitor these numbers because they’re an indicator of the available housing stock … Read more

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What is NIST and Why is the US Government Building a “Laboratory” House?

RTA_blog_2012_0918_NIST_NetZeroHouseOn September 12, 2012, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new two-story, 2,700 square foot house on its campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The house is a net-zero project built in partnership with … Read more

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On the Eleventh Anniversary of 9|11

RTA_blog_2012_0911_WorldTradeCenterDisasters are shared experiences that contribute to who we are as individuals and who we are as a culture. We judge their scale by how many of us are affected.… Read more

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