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May 2012 Home Prices Show Signs of Atlanta Recovery

Home PricesThe S&P|Case-Shiller Home Price Indices with data through April 2012 were released this morning. They track home prices in 20 US metropolitan markets, from Miami to Seattle. We monitor these numbers because they’re an indicator of the available housing stock … Read more

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Steven Hayward Speaks about “The EPA and Private Property”

haywardSteven F. Hayward was invited to speak at Hillsdale College‘s Allen P. Kirby Center about “The EPA and Private Property” on July 12th, 2012. We try to look at both sides of any issue so here’s his insight on … Read more

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Not So Small: Did You Know there are Building Code Requirements for Minimum Room Sizes?

RTAblog_0720_tinyroomLate last week, we published a blog post about the discussion of smaller apartments – some proposals are just 250 square feet. That post generated a few questions about the minimum allowable room sizes so here are some notes…… Read more

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Design Don’ts: Don’t Show Them You’re Lying

RTAblog_2012_0719_frontIt can be hard to talk about design + style without coming across as snarky and aloof. We offer notes and images in our “Design Don’ts” posts to help you avoid design solutions that reduce the return on your investment. … Read more

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‘The Queen of Versailles’: The Story of Jackie & David Siegel’s 90,000sf House

versaillesLauren Greenfield’s movie The Queen of Versailles is set to open this Friday against the final movie in Christopher Nolan’s juggernaut Dark Knight trilogy. Even though Greenfield won Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival, you might not know the … Read more

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Which American Invention Was Born On This Day in 1902?

blog_2012_0717_thermostatIf you’re like us, you ordered a cake from your local bakery weeks ago. This is one of those dates we should celebrate each year. If you forgot to circle it in red on your calendar or you’re just looking … Read more

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A New Standard for Apartments: Too Small or Just Big Enough?

2012_0713It seems like we’re getting nothing but twenty-four hour commentary on US presidential politics. Since that commentary repeats itself every thirty minutes, you might have missed the developing discussion on smaller living spaces in New York City. The change is … Read more

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9 Lives: Rules for Your Pet Sitter

fynnWe’ve noticed more of you are using in-home pet sitters so your pets can stay in their own environment without being left alone. Pet sitters can also keep an eye on your property while you’re away. Here are some helpful … Read more

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Wildfires: Planning for Construction, Documentation & Evacuation

wildfireWildfires in Colorado have generated thousands of insurance claims. We’ve compiled a few notes to help prepare you for disasters and insurance claims. As always, we hope these are helpful:… Read more

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Protect Your Independence Through This Annual Tradition

American FlagIn 2012, we asked you to join our annual tradition tied to the celebration of Independence Day. It’s easy to do, it’s free and it can save you thousands of dollars by lowering your rates on products like insurance.… Read more

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Heat Wave: Two Notes to Help You With the Frustration of a Heatwave

Heat Wave

Heat WaveAccording to the American Red Cross, heat waves kill more people than any other weather event, including floods. Since so many Americans are enduring excessive heat and power failures, here are a few helpful notes:… Read more

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