Exterior Services

A new entrance can makes all the difference. Some projects just need to replace the aging or damaged existing entrance so we coordinate with the Contractor to be sure no corners are cut and the architectural style is preserved. Some projects need a new entrance to announce the door location and create a wow factor. Whether you need a no-step entrance or you just want to make a difference, we can work with you to design an appropriate solution.

Porches & Decks
Porch and deck projects can make a significant difference in the feel, function and the value of a property. Porch and deck projects often bring their own challenges like zoning, water and structural issues though we can help you address these challenges and work with you to design a solution that looks like it’s always been a part of your property.

Outdoor Spaces
Outdoor spaces can be great gathering spaces that feel like outdoor rooms: they have their own identity and comfort. They’re most successful when they’re well integrated with the site and existing buildings so they function well and don’t look like an afterthought. Sharing hardscape details from your house helps create a connection between your house, the transition space and your outdoor space. We’ll need to address the typical zoning and stormwater issues before we get started.

Exterior Restyling
Many American houses borrow details from more than one architectural style. While this is a common practice and can be very subtle, it can also be the result of poor design which makes the house confusing: the cladding, windows, entrance, garage, form and roof line are competing rather than complimenting one another. Even if the house is well-built, this dissonance can greatly reduce the property value.

In other cases, the style is intact though the exterior surfaces need to be updated. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce materials and methods that will add durability and decrease maintenance, which adds value to your property.

In addition to creating a design with a clear architectural style, exterior restyling gives us a chance to replace the weather barrier, flashing, windows and other critical points while the cladding and exterior trim are removed. These critical points protect the house from air and water infiltration and are in turn protected by the exterior cladding. Repairing these concealed components add tremendous value in addition to the value realized by the updated appearance!

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