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Foreclosure|Bank-Owned Property Evaluation
Evaluation of foreclosed and bank-owned properties is typically more complex than evaluation of properties bought from an Owner who has occupied the property. They’re often offered on an as-is basis, there’s no seller’s disclosure and the properties have been vacant so the maintenance cycle has stopped.

Water is a critical issue for vacant houses. Water infiltration resulting from lack of maintenance before foreclosure and no maintenance after foreclosure can have devastating effects on the structure and interior components. Lack of air conditioning can allow the humidity level on the interior of the property to rise above the point at which mold and mildew growth increases dramatically.

In addition to the site services we offer, we encourage buyers and investors to use a more sophisticated series of tools and professionals to compliment any home inspection they commission. The fee is a worthwhile investment, especially when we can also assist you with related issues like planning, exterior services, and contract documents that describe the scope of work for any work you require.

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