Save 20% on Higher Green Home Appraisals!

RTAblog_2015_0220_AdomatisAppraiser Sandra Adomatis and Lance Coyle, 2015 President of the Appraisal Institute, just offered 20% savings on a great resource for valuing homes!

During their presentation at a home energy conference earlier this week, they offered 20% off of Sandra’s book, “Residential Green Valuation Tools“. That makes the sale price for non-members even less than the member price!

The Book is For…
Sandra’s book is a great resource for HERS raters, REALTORS®, builders, architects and others trying to convey the value of a home through the Appraisal Institute’s Form 820.04: Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum. The Addendum conveys information the home appraiser probably won’t discover on his|her own – information he|she needs to properly appraise the home.

Home Owners Should…
Sandra’s book is a great resource for the building professionals in the previous paragraph though it can also be used by home owners. The Residential Green and Energy Efficiency Addendum is free – you fill it out yourself. You can also use it as a way to qualify real estate agents. If they don’t know what it is, maybe they’re not the agent for you.

Even if you fill out the form yourself, you may want some help with some of the items like the HERS information on page two – that requires a HERS rater. Your real estate agent should be able to help you fill out the addendum AND be sure the Addendum gets to the appraiser.

Since the Addendum is like a checklist, it will probably help you identify amenities you’ve not considered when describing the value of your home. Those amenities should be highlighted for the appraiser and potential buyers!

The Addendum can also be a tool to help qualify appraisers so you don’t just get the next appraiser on the list when your paperwork is goes through. It takes training to understand the Addendum and the Appraisal Institute offers a registry to identify those who have completed the training.

Save 20% Today!
To enjoy the 20% savings, enter the following “promo code” during checkout:


The promo code is good for a limited time so get your copy today. An investment in this book may literally pay off with time saved and higher appraisals on multiple homes!

As always, if you’ve got a comment or question, please share it below. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks Ryan for the nice article on the book. The book has been well received by real estate agents, appraisers, builders, and energy raters. It was my goal to have a book that would articulate high performance in a way that all could understand the ratings. When anyone other than a rater receives the energy reports, they are meaningless if you do not understand how to apply it in your buying, selling, or valuing decisions. We need the rating language in terms that we know if what we are considering is truly high performance. I hope this book accomplishes this for all readers. You will also find the methodology of how appraisers can apply the rating documentation to develop adjustments for energy efficiency.

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