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This is one of our B2B (business-to-business) web pages. If you’re an owner looking for information about our architecture services and related topics, please visit our Start Here web page. If you’re a product designer, manufacturer, sales person or service provider, this page is for you!

We spend a tremendous amount of time with representatives for various products and services in the course of our practice and public speaking. This typically means we know your product or service and those of your competitors. This gives us perspective on how to help you improve your offerings with better language, process, details and strategy that will help set you apart from your competition. Your goal, like ours, is to be noticed in a crowded and noisy market.

Regardless of the economic conditions, you can’t wait for the industry to figure out what you have to offer. It’s hard enough just to get access to decision makers so preparing your team to make the most of those initial seconds of contact is critical. Here are two recent trade show examples:

1. A company advertising steam showers is selling them as a luxury item. After some digging, it turns out that using their steam shower consumes almost the same amount of energy as a typical shower yet it uses 90+% less water. The company made no mention of water conservation even though states are beginning to legislate conservation measures. They’re casting the fate of their product onto the luxury segment in one of the worst construction markets in recorded history rather than offering a collection of compelling and complimentary reasons to consider their product.

2. A company selling electric resistance (baseboard) heaters doesn’t know that convention attendees are hearing electric resistance heaters are not allowed as a primary heating source in the latest version of the energy code. They don’t know why there’s no traffic in their booth even though a glance at the class offerings and discussion with an architect could have prepared them to address the issue head-on.

Service providers can face an even greater challenge as companies with little to no experience diversify into your market segment. Failures and complaints against companies new to your market segment can negatively effect the entire market segment… even if your company is established, does great work, enjoys repeat business and earns referrals.

How We Help
We can help you develop products/services and prepare your team to explain the benefits of your work in a way that resonates with your audience. We do that through education that gives your team members the perspective of how, why and when your product or service fits into any project.

We’re also candid about how not to approach construction industry professionals. Cold calls asking for a mailing or email address so you can send “some information” waste your resources and our time. We’ll help you with skills like networking and forecasting so you can solve problems for your contacts.

This helps build morale among your team members and makes them more efficient. It gives them greater access to decision makers and helps them maintain relationships. It also means you can get a lot more value out of those expensive advertising campaigns, give-aways, direct mailers, convention booths and CE lunches.

Consulting Presentations

In Conclusion
You’ll find us respectful, candid and patient. We always want to work with you as a partner to evaluate your resources, challenges and opportunities so we can layout the path to market dominance. Our fees aren’t cheap so we work to increase your revenue to offset them many times over.

You’re welcome to use our Contact page to start a discussion with us. We’ll be happy to learn about your company and your concerns!