Interior Designers

This is one of our B2B (business-to-business) web pages. If you’re an owner looking for information about our architecture services and related topics, please visit our Start Here web page. If you’re an interior designer, decorator or related trade, this page is for you!

Architects are often the prime contractor for design services provided to an owner. In that case, the interior designer is often a consultant to the architect like the project engineers (if any) added to the team. We see two common challenges for interior designers:

  1. You’re brought into the project late in the design when many of the decisions have already been made – leaving you to function as a decorator.
  2. The scope of work is not clear so overlap between the interior designer and architect creates tension.

We prefer to involve the interior designer in the schematic design phase so your opportunities to guide portions of the work and offer space planning services are not lost. That helps us create focal points, work within material modules and anticipate other issues that make for great design.

Sometimes that means we need to function more as a consultant to the interior designer so you have the freedom to design. Early discussions about the project budget and scope of work help us proceed with a common expectation for responsibilities.

For example, two of the key issues involved in that scope of work discussion are the coordination of engineers and design of life safety systems – two things over which we maintain responsibility. That gives you the opportunity to design with the benefit of an architect helping you find creative solutions to realize your vision.

In Conclusion
Whether you’d like to work with us on a project or just need some help figuring out an issue on one of your projects, we’re happy to help with building science, building systems, code, space planning, structural, sustainable design and other issues you encounter.

If we don’t already know you, please take a moment to send us a note through our Contact page and use our social media links to get connected. You can also find more information on our Services page… where you may notice we don’t list interior design or decorating as services we provide. Thanks!