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The construction industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. There are layers and layers of law, policy and other governance that effect all of us every day. We’re active in government affairs so we can support our elected and appointed officials as they develop and enforce the regulations that protect our public health, safety and welfare.

We lead a complex public process that resulted in the first update to the residential sections of the City of Atlanta zoning ordinance in twenty-five years and our language has been written into code|law at the local and state levels of government.

We supplement legislative agendas & updates from the professional associations in which we’re active with policy organizations. Here are three examples of organizations that help us stay abreast of current & emerging issues:

Georgia Public Policy Foundation (GPPF)Since 1991, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation has conducted scholarly research and analysis of state public policy issues and worked to educate citizens, policy-makers and the media. The Foundation is state-focused, independent, non-partisan and market-oriented in its approach.

Georgia Chamber of CommerceThe state’s largest business advocacy organization, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s number one mission is keeping, growing and creating jobs in our state.

GeorgiaForwardGeorgiaForward is a non-partisan organization working to improve Georgia by engaging business, political, academic and civil leaders to collaboratively shape a statewide policy agenda.

The organizations above are all specific to Georgia. You probably have at least one similar organization in your area. If your policy views aren’t too different from that existing organization, please try to associate and make a difference rather than beginning a competing organization. You may also be able to help establish a local chapter of an existing organization in your state, province or country. If you don’t have an acceptable existing organization to join, you can use one of the three above as a template for your own organization.

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No public servant can be trained in all of the disciplines over which he|she will govern – that’s one of the reasons why our public process is so important. In addition, many of our elected and appointed officials serve our communities while working a full-time job. They need a team of professional contacts (experts in their respective fields) to help them navigate the range of issues they must address and demands on their time from family, business and public service.

We seek to provide objective support as they are inevitably faced with decisions about planning, utilities, resources and other construction industry-related issues that effect our public health, safety and welfare. We’re particularly interested in life safety issues, water & disaster planning + response.

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We’re also involved in government affairs because we learn so much from the interaction – we get to discuss the options presented as legislation is crafted and that allows us to understand the spirit of the governance. We’re happy to share that experience if you have an interest. Just use our Contact page to let us know what contacts, resources and opportunities we can help you find.