Event Planners + Educators

This is one of our B2B (business-to-business) web pages. If you’re an owner looking for information about our architecture services and related topics, please visit our Start Here web page. If you’re an event planner or educator, this page is for you!

Ryan does a significant amount of public speaking and has earned a reputation as an organized and candid speaker who encourages questions while translating complex issues into everyday language and action items. In addition to the conventions, trade shows and community events he’s worked, you can find his comments published in various media like Southern Living, Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ABC’s Nightline television program and

Translation of Complex Issues + Context
The day-to-day issues we address can be technical issues like building science though even the relatively simple issues are complex because they’re related to so many other moving parts of a typical project. So, even if we explain the zoning ordinance, you need to know how it relates to the building codes, design decisions and where you need to account for each issue in the course of your project. We create that context by changing scales: graduating from executive overview to the details of a particular part of the process. That empowers our audience to set priorities and make timely decisions.

Forecasting + Perspective
Forecasting is a helpful way for us to synthesize the huge amount of data we collect and process in the course of our work. It gives our audience sense of what planning should be underway to anticipate emerging technologies and practices. Our speaking, community service and networking gives us the perspective of public opinion so we have a better sense of if or when we might adopt those emerging technologies and practices.

Creating an Event
Most of the topics about which we speak have a broad appeal to audiences because they’re common yet complex enough that you’d want an experienced professional to explain the issue(s). If you’ve realized a need for some discussion and don’t know how to create an event, we can help by sharing our experience and suggestions on how to achieve a scale that makes a great event possible.

Sponsoring an Event
When this company was founded in 2002, we committed to focusing on education rather than marketing. We always try to introduce ourselves through a learning opportunity so we have some time to visit, get to know people and serve our community.  To accomplish this level of education, Ryan is often out in our community teaching on various topics.

We also work to help people who wouldn’t typically retain the services of an architect by delivering courses for single moms, veterans and others. For example, our maintenance curriculum for single moms helps them be proactive about health issues and saving for predictable big-ticket maintenance like air conditioning and roof replacement that often trap single moms in a debt cycle that has a debilitating effect on their household finances.

Providing education and the opportunity to ask questions empowers people to make better, more timely decisions that will save money, protect their investment and help our community.  By sponsoring an event, you can make a difference.

Sharing Our Network
If we can’t meet your needs, we’re happy to help you find someone within our network. We use our network to keep in touch and identify emerging technologies rather than looking at connection counts as a score. We’ve met lots of great speakers and we’d like for you to meet them too. We can also help you find professionals, public officials and others who aren’t public speakers though they might be a great addition to a panel discussion.

In Conclusion
Public speaking makes us better architects. Questions and discussion give us the perspective to know where we need to be focused and what issues to address before our owners think to ask about them.

We don’t like canned presentations, people who read slides or any of the other death-by-PowerPoint common drudgery that fails to address the needs of an audience. We like to start our presentations with a challenge: We’re not seminar leaders who selected a popular topic; we’re architects who stick to speaking within our core competencies and focus areas – please ask detailed questions that test or explore our technical ability and experience. That’s how an audience steers the discussion, comes to trust us and really gets value out of us.

If we don’t already know you, please take a moment to send us a note through our Speaking page and use our social media links to get connected. You can also find more information on our Services page. Thanks!