We have experience working on all sorts of issues at and across local, county, state and national levels so we share resources, contacts and opportunities through this site, social media and live events.

“We use competition to do our average.” – Amory Lovins

Amory’s short yet profound quote means we can make our community better and make a profit by giving away great ideas that lead the market. This is a significant departure from common practice and it’s taken some faith to learn that it’s true: we can better ourselves by bettering our community.

We try to deliver focused advocacy in our community. Here are the four core areas in which we’ve focused our community service:

1. Ask An Architect
In addition to the content on this website, we’ve provided a free Ask An Architect tool. We hope to give you a sense of the important issues so you can ask more appropriate questions as you investigate your options. You can find a link on each page of this website.

2. Public Speaking
Ryan Taylor (of RTA) has significant experience making presentations and answering questions at community meetings, home shows, conventions and other forums. His public speaking over the years has taught him to organize and present relevant information to his audiences. It’s not easy to translate the complexities of architecture into everyday language, especially when you’re answering questions from a live audience. Ryan is also able to forecast emerging issues and technologies

We’ve adapted a number of presentations into handouts and other materials for our owners. Those documents help us relate processes and responsibilities in an organized manner that empowers our owners to become intellectually invested instead of just being the person who pays the bills.

3. Building Code Development
We’ve been active in the development of building codes in Georgia for years because we think it’s important to go to the source of the codes to understand the spirit of the codes – what’s the intent of each code section? It’s very difficult to figure out the intent and the relationships between the sections if you just read them as an occasional reference.

This work also gives us a chance to contribute to discussion and coordination of life safety issues.

Georgia’s Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is the government agency responsible for adopting and amending state-wide building codes. After working on the development of the Residential Green Building Code (Georgia’s first sustainable building code), the DCA commissioner appointed Ryan to the State Codes Advisory Committee (SCAC) as a representative for the architects of Georgia. The SCAC is the group that handles building codes within the DCA. Ryan serves on subcommittees and stays active in the development of codes in each code cycle so he’s a resource to our owners and the local community of contractors, vendors and building officials.

4. Government Affairs
Georgia’s General Assembly (state legislature) is in session for forty days beginning in January of each year although there’s always on-going discussion to prepare for the next session. We’re active in government affairs at the local and state levels though we try to only work on objective issues rather than getting involved in politics.

While all bills and resolutions are political to some degree, many are brought forward on behalf of constituents without the full study or understanding of the sponsoring legislators. The assembly’s committee process determines which bills and resolutions deserve a vote on the floor of the House and Senate. So, there’s work at the committee level such as writing opinions, speaking with the legislators and testifying before the committees.

We’ve tried to focus our advocacy on legislative issues to just six topics. In no particular order, they are: 1) architecture & construction, 2) life safety, 3) water, 4) conservation, 5) planning and 6) the practice act governing Georgia architects.

In Conclusion
Thanks for your interest in our core areas of community service. Please let us know if you have similar interests or you’d like to learn more about our community service. We’d be happy to help you get involved. You can also use the following links to learn more:

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