Building + Code Officials

This is one of our B2B (business-to-business) web pages. If you’re an owner looking for information about our architecture services and related topics, please visit our Start Here web page. If you’re a building or code official, this page is for you!

In our experience, building and code officials are always busy. In boom times you’re racing to keep up with the demand for planning, permitting, inspection and enforcement. When things slow down, staff reductions and expanded responsibilities can be just as challenging. Neither of these situations leaves much time for training and research to find best practices.

We’ve been active in code development at the local and state levels so we can help with resolution of technical issues like building science questions or related issues like training and education. We’re also happy to share our network with you when you’re looking for a particular contact or resource.

Our practice is international so we can help you compare your jurisdiction with other cities, counties, states or even other countries. That’s a great way to find best practices and identify emerging issues. Why re-invent the wheel if you can benefit from the experience of another jurisdiction?

We’re also active in government affairs, with a focus on practice act legislation, life safety, zoning ordinances, sustainability and planning. We think this is particularly important when legislators craft additional layers of governance because they’re not yet aware of existing regulation and processes.

In Conclusion
We really appreciate the opportunities to work with and get to know building and code officials. We see you as part of our project teams and feel you’re tasked with protecting the public health, safety and welfare… just like registered architects. We’re always happy to help a team member and look forward to working with you.

If we don’t already know you, please take a moment to send us a note through our Contact page and use our social media links to get connected. You can also find more information on our Services page. Thanks!